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What Being a Feminist Means to Me

Once upon a time, a few years ago, I said something like: “I’m not a feminist, but…” and my friend totally called me out on it. And I realized, Oh yeah. I want equal rights for men and women; I am a feminist. So ever since then, I’ve been a proud feminist, calling people out when  they put down women.

So here are some thoughts on what feminism means to me.

Bottom line: equal rights for men and women. Women should be able to work or not as they want to, with equal pay and without discrimination.

Speaking of staying home, there needs to be a huge of overhaul of how we think about gender in our culture and society. Men should be able to be stay at home parents and partake in other “traditional women’s roles” without repercussion. Men should be able to show their emotions, cook, and knit without being made fun of.

I’m not saying masculine and feminine ideals don’t exist. They do. It’s just why is it bad to be feminine? Why are men who are considered weak compared to women? Called sissys or pussys? Why do we say Man Up or Grow a Pair (A pair of ovaries am i right? jk)? Why is being ballsy the epitome of bravery?

That’s why I’m a feminist. It’s not just equal rights before the law. Our society and culture needs to make some serious progress in how we think about women, especially compared to men. We need to start respecting men and women as equals.

Remember that time Shailene Woodley said she is not a feminist, because she “likes men.” And so many people were all, yeah, I agree. Stupid feminists think they’re better than men. We just want equal rights.

And I’m all FEMINISTS WANT EQUAL RIGHTS! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A FEMINIST IS? And then I realized that No, they don’t know what a feminist is. Somewhere a long the way the definition of feminism for mainstream Americans got lost. Maybe there are Feminist Extremists who are anti-men who attract the most attention. Or maybe we just know what we see in the media: Feminists who are butch, man-hating women, liberal extremists who have lost touch with reality.  Well who is in charge of the media? Men who don’t care about equal rights.

It’s time to step up people of America. Don’t be ashamed to call yourselves feminists. Let’s change the connotation and the stigma that go along with this word! Just like we did with the word geek.

Some other feminist topics I might talk about here on my blog:

  • Rape Culture (Why are we as a society more embarrased by women’s periods than rape?)
  • Gender Targeted Advertising (The Pink Tax)
  • Chivalry
  • Gentle Chauvinism (MEn Putting Women on Pedastals and being Condescending af)
  • Mormon Feminism and related issues
  • Right Brain vs. Left Brain and How Men/Women Think Differently (Hint, I think this is FALSE. People think differently. Full Stop.)
  • Friend Zoning
  • Misogyny  in Geek Culture
  • The Bullcrap that is “Historically accurate” Sexism in Fantasy Literature


Just to name a few, lol!

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