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Mission Statement

“Life is to be Loved, not just endured.” -G. B. Hinckley

The most important things in life are family, mind and legacy. I will make these things priorites.

My dream will be big enough to incite me to action. “A life with out a dream, becomes a senseless routine.”

I will not waste my life on the Treadmill, doing something I hate for greed. I will follow my passions and live a Life with a Destiny, not an Existence of Drudgery.

I will strive to get free. I will not be a slave to money. My time will be dedicated first to my family.

I will live a life of education. I will not stop learning. I will strive to seek Knowledge in all fields that interest me and apply that knowledge with critical thinking. I will not let anyone else tell me what I should or shouldn’t learn. I will always remember that my mind is the only thing that I can take with me.

I will live a life with no regrets. Each mistake I make is a lesson I will take to heart. If I fail, it only means I’m trying. I will fail forward until I succeed.

I will live a life of character and integrity. ” I resolve to focus on character more than reputation, knowing that character is who I am and reputation is only what others say that I am.” – O. Woodward.

I am my own person and I will do what I know is right. I will not let others’ words or thoughts dictate my actions.

I will have the confidence to overcome my insecurities.

I understand that our thoughts determine our actions, which form our habits. Our habits influence our results. I will monitor what I take in in order to get the best results possible.

Friendships are a treasure to me. I will dedicate myself to maintaining the friendships I have and constantly strive make new friends.

Life is an adventure and I will treat it as such.

I will do my best to make and keep goals to further myself in the following areas:
Faith: I will go to the temple once a month, attend church meetings faithfully every week, and pray and read scriptures daily.
Family: I will make date night a priority. I will call my immediate family once a week and my grandparents once a month. I want to reconnect with my cousins.
Finances: I will set a budget and stick to it, so money doesn’t get wasted on frivolities.
Fitness: I will exercise 5 times a week and do everything in my power to lead a more active lifestyle.
Following: I will focus on LIFE and not put off what can be done today.
Freedom: I will follow politics on both a local and national level and educate myself on the issues. I will vote according to my conscience.
Friends: I will have Game Night once a month. I will call and keep up with my friends regularly. I will always be on the lookout for new friends.
Fun: I will never forget that life is about fun too!

I will overcome these obstacles:

I will be the best Kylara I can be with the best life I can make for myself.

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