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What I Read:

I love to read; it’s one of my passions. I am so excited to be sharing my book reviews and letting the world know what books I love, or hate. My first love is fantasy. I love fantasy books. I also love sc-fi to a lesser extent. I found fantasy books through the Star Wars novels; I am even named after a character in Anne McCaffrey’s DragonRiders of Pern series. Some of my favorite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Tamora Pierce, David Eddings, Mercedes Lackey, Meg Cabot and Patrick Rothfuss. My favorite book used to be The Last Dragonlord by Joanne Bertin. I loved that book when I was 14. Upon re-read as an adult, it didn’t pass muster. [I’m still currently searching for a new favorite book.]

So I also read a lot of YA novels. I love them because they’re quick and fun and appeal to many different people. I love Princess Diaries and Tamora Pierce. Harry Potter is awesome. I feel meh about Twilight-I enjoyed it, but don’t see what the hype is all about. I finally read the Hunger Games; I also don’t see the hype there. Divergent is the best YA book I’ve read in a long time.

Recently, I have read a lot of nonfiction books. Some are inspiration or for personal development in life or marriage or some other aspect. Some are on economics or essays on other interesting subjects. Reading these types of books makes me feel very grown up. A few of this type of books have changed my life.

My Ratings System:

I use a five-star rating system. Each book review will begin with what my rating is. The ratings are as follows:

5 Stars: I loved it. It was fantastic. I must own it asap. Everyone I know MUST read it. Extremely High Quality. One of my new favs. Example: Name of the Wind.
4 Stars: I liked it a lot. There were some things I loved about it. I definitely want to own it some day. I recommend it to others; a good read.
3 Stars: I liked it. It’d be ok to own it, but not necessary. It will get a good review. Nothing stands out about it, but it was overall a good book.
2 Stars: It was an ok book but I didn’t like it very much. It may or may not get a decent review, but I don’t recommend it to people. Don’t care to own it. It’s not necessarily bad, I just didn’t like it.
1 Star: Horrible Book. No one should read it. Low quality. Bad reviews and anti-recommendations.

Very few books will get 5 star ratings.

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