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Author Gallery

I meet a lot of authors. I take pictures with them. Here is a place I can put all those pictures.

Tamora Pierce2008

Dragon*Con 2008. Tamora Pierce. Favorite Book: The Realms of the Gods

Fun Fact: I think this was the first time I’d ever met an author or gotten my books signed. I waited in line for like 2 hours. Anne McCaffrey was signing books on the other side of the room. I missed the chance to meet the author of the book my name came from in order to meet Tamora Pierce. It was awesome.

Cherie Priest2011

Phoenix Comicon 2011. Cherie Priest. Favorite Book: Maplecroft

Timothy Zahn 2013

Phoenix Comicon 2013. Timothy Zahn. Favorite Book: The Thrawn Trilogy

Fun Fact: The Thrawn Trilogy were not only the first SW books I ever read, but the first “grown-up” books I ever read, when I was 12. These are the books that got me into reading adult books and sci-fi fantasy. I’ve never looked back.

Terry Brooks 2013

Phoenix Comicon 2013. Terry Brooks. Favorite Book: Elfstones of Shannara

Fun Fact: After reading The Thrawn Trilogy, I read every single Star Wars book I could get my hands on. This happened right before Episode I came out. Terry Brooks wrote the novelization of The Phantom Menace. When I was looking it up at the library, I saw that he had also written a book called Magic Kingdom For Sale: SOLD. It was my first adult fantasy. It has lead to many years of reading enjoyment.

Brandon Sanderson 2013

Phoenix Comicon 2013. Brandon Sanderson. Favorite Book: I honestly cannot decide 

Fun Fact: This is not the first or last time I’ve met Brandon Sanderson. I first met him at Dragon*Con in 2008. He had 2 published books and had just gotten tapped to finish The Wheel of Time series. He was so new to the whole gig and now he’s a star lol.

BSanderson 2015

Changing Hands Bookstore 2015. Firefight Tour. Brandon Sanderson.

Pat Rothfuss2014

Changing Hands Bookstore 2014. Pat Rothfuss. Author of my favorite book of all time: Name of the Wind

Fun Fact. He’s Awesome.

Jim Butcher 2014

Phoenix Comicon 2014. Jim Butcher. Favorite Book: Skin Game (It was hard to pick. I absolutely love the Dresden Files.)

Dawson Heiber 2014

Phoenix Comicon 2014. Delilah Dawson and Leanna Renee Hieber. Favorite Books: Hit and Darker Still

Laini Taylor 2014

Phoenix Comicon 2014. Laini Taylor. Favorite Book: Days of Blood and Starlight.

Naomi Novik2014

Phoenix Comicon 2014. Naomi Novik. Favorite Book: Temeraire Series.

Fun Fact: This Photo is for a selfie contest. I never submitted it. Also, Naomi Novik is one of the creators of Archive of Our Own – my favorite fanfiction website.

Naomi Novik 2015

Phoenix Comicon 2015. Naomi Novik. I still need to read Uprooted.

Pierce Brown 2015

Phoenix Comicon 2015. Pierce Brown <3. I still haven’t read Red Rising. (I suck.)


Phoenix Comicon 2015. Max Gladstone, Stephen Blackmoore, Margaret Dunlap and Melissa Marr.

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