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About Me

To Sum Up: Geek, writer, LDS, gamer, musician, ninja, historian, poet, Ultimate Frisbee player, pirate, Whovian, entrepreneur, cat-lover, meat-eater.

Hi my name is Kylara and I am 25. I got married on 7/9/11 to one of my best friends whom I love dearly. I grew up in Nawth Carolina, but right now, my husband and I are living in Mesa, Arizona. It’s not terrible. I just miss the rain. And the green. And hills. After we finish school we want to settle down in either Peyson, AZ or Sylva, NC. We both love the mountains and small towns. We don’t have any kids right now, but they are part of our future plans. Right now my husband is working at Target and going to school. He wants to go into Psychology. I am working in my uncle’s Real Estate office. It’s crazy how much knowledge just seeps into your brain when you do something like that. We are also both Self-Educating through a program called Living Intentionally For Excellence. LIFE gives us access to tons of great books and cds that teach in all different areas of life. it’s also a business opportunity for us and some day we’re going to be filthy rich.

I graduated in August 2008 from Western Carolina University with a major in History and a minor in Creative Writing. I will eventually get my masters in European History and hopefully a PHD in something Pre Modern. I want to go to George Mason University and combine my studies of history with studies of Folklore and study how Fairy tales affect history and vice versa. I also want to become a master in the fields of Asian history and economic history because not many history teachers are. My eventual life jobs will be: Part time community college professor, Author, Mom, Ninja. All at the same time. And then I’ll write a sitcom about it.

Let me tell you about some of the things I love the most.

I love my family- as normal and dysfunctional as they are. My parents are divorced. I have one brother who is living in Vegas (hopefully not on the strip), one brother who is through-hiking the Appalachian Trail this summer, and one brother who is 12 going on 20. Nathan’s family is awesome too. They really have adopted me. And now I have a 7 yr old sister-in-law who one day is going to be suffocated by all her stuffed animal friends.

I love waterfalls. Nature is pretty rad and I absolutely love the mountains, but waterfalls are the best thing ever. They are so magical. My friends and I have an inside joke saying “Waterfalls recharge your Magical Batteries.” If you are ever feeling stressed out and repressed by the mundanity of life, seriously go sit by a waterfall and you will feel recharged. Sunrises and sunsets are awesome that way too. If there’s one thing AZ has going for it, it is the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets. That’s one thing I love about here.

I love to read and I love to write. That’s one reason I’m so excited about this blog.

Ok-So I’ll think of more things to say about me later. I am planning on adding a Mormon page to this section as well as a me and Nathan page that tells our story. Keep an eye out for it.

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