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Farewell LiveJournal

March 5, 2012

I used to blog on LiveJournal. When I graduated high school in 2004, there was no such thing as facebook. Ok, you caught me. Facebook existed, just not as we know it today. Only people with a verified college email address or special invitation could join facebook. No one I knew was using facebook. This was back in the day when MySpace was still a big thing and everyone who was anyone chatted on AIM. Yahoo Messenger existed. Xanga was a hip blogging site. (I don’t even know what Xanga is.) And when you wanted to communicate with someone long distance, you sent them an email, not a facebook message.

In the fall of 2004, I started community college and missed my high school friends. I somehow stumbled upon a neat little site called LiveJournal. I don’t know if I really understood the concept of a blog. Blogging today is a tool for social media marketing gurus, stay at home mom savants and people who want to get rich/famous quick. LiveJournal doesn’t really allow you to do those things; it is mostly a tool for people who want to write a journal, post it online, and share it with their friends without their parents seeing what they wrote. Stereotypically, it is a place where teenage girls rant about how horrible their lives are, then get together with all their friends and write fanfiction. (I was introduced to fanfiction through LJ, so maybe there’s some truth to that.)

I managed to convince all my friends to get a LiveJournal and for a long while that’s how we kept in touch with each other and kept up with each others lives. If something major happened to me, I’d have to post about it in LJ, or how would people know it happened to me.I have a good number of internet friends I met through LJ. I still use and love it today; but over the years…my postings have definitely changed. That is the nature of the internet.

In 2006 I got a facebook. I started keeping up with my friends on facebook. If I thought about something funny on my way to class, I could talk about it on my facebook status so I didn’t have to update LJ. Myspace was still a little bit cool in 2006; I think I stopped using mine in 2007. I actually still have it. Most people probably still do. Did anyone ever take the time to delete theirs? I checked mine the other day just for funzies, I friended my husband. It was fun to look at each other’s pages, glimpses into each others pasts. But around 2007, in the latter years of my college experience, Live Journal became little more than a running semester to do list and a place where I could review the past year of my life.

Once I learned how to add links with HTML coding, it was more fun to update my LiveJournal. [Test. I just tried to do some HTM coding here, but it was being really stupid. This site really dumbs it down for you and makes it impossible to encode certain things yourself:(] But I just never made time to keep up with it. Lately, my LiveJournal has been little more than my Twitter updates, which are imported directly to my LJ. Twitter is fun. I joined Twitter in 2008 I think. I guess it gave me something to do after I left Myspace. Some people don’t get the point of Twitter, but I like, because it’s a place where people don’t get mad at you for posting a crazy amount of Tweets all up in a short amount of time. Twitter is like stream of consciousness (micro) blogging  LJ is essentially, a journal. You write about your life and what’s been happening. I wanted to write more. I wanted to get my thoughts out there. SO I decided to graduate from LiveJournal and come blog with the big kids here at WordPress. I still use Twitter and facebook and I’ll probably keep using LiveJournal for private journals, but most of my thoughts I’ll be writing out on this blog.

It’s interesting how the internet morphs. Sometimes I think it might be fun in 20 years for my kids to look back on my facebook Timeline and see how I interact with my husband and how we were when we dated and what we were like in college. But then I think, Hey. Facebook will probably not exist in 20 years. Definitely not as we know it today. The internet probably won’t be the same. I wonder if it will still store all our current information, or if the entire internet will have been erased and essentially started over. I doubt it, but you never know. In the future, the trending sites of today: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest- they’ll all be the home of 13 year olds who think they’re cool and celebrities who haven’t yet mastered the next big thing. I wonder what direction we’re moving in. What will the next big thing be? Will it be like in Ready Player One where there is just one big 3D virtual internet where everyone lives life at the expense of the real world? People will probably hate it at first. Just like everyone hates it when facebook changes.

I was talking to a friend the other day about archaeologists in the future. They won’t be digging in the dirt all day. They will be technologically advanced people who study tv, movies, harddrives, past snapshots of the internet to get an idea of what life was like today. Won’t that be an interesting time?

And now, I leave you with this fun scientific video discussing the weight of the internet:

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  1. Nathan J. permalink

    awesome! I like your last two paragraphs talking about the future and stuff. Interesting concepts

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